Violence is all the rage


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Alright, here it is 💙❤️ my pride and joy.

Child abuse eh?

Word is, my girlfriend and I hit our 8 month old son, never clean him and he screams because he’s in pain.

He screams because 1: he’s teething; 2: he’s learned how to use his vocal cords. He’s not in pain. He smiles after he yells.

Always dirty? Bitch, when you see him, you see him RIGHT AFTER he eats. So of course he’s going to be dirty, dumbass. Oh no he puked on himself. It’s summer, so I won’t put clothes on him if were staying home. If we go out, hell get another bath, we get him dressed. Then again, let’s look at your life, hmm?…

…you just got your children back. They never ever bath. Daughter wears the same clothes the entire week. You never wash your kids with soap. Ever. You’re always ALWAYS away from your kids. You leave them for hours just to get high or drunk, or getting laid so someone pays your rent. Pathetic.

Oh but wait, you’re making claims because you’re jealous of our happy relationship, and that my girlfriend has an “amazing boyfriend who treats her perfect”. Exact words. Yes I treat my girl like a princess. I spoil her. She never hears the word “no”. And you’re also jealous of the fact we take care of our son, and he’s well behaved. Well, stop doing drugs and you’ll stop having your kids taken away from CPS.

Don’t say CPS or state should look at us. Karma will bite your ass.

As matter of fact, I have pictures of my son to upload!! I’ll try and share from Flickr.

I hate people.

Aug 5


What’d you do while I was at work last night, after I left?

Smoke weed and drink with another guy.

Beer is here, his pipe is here. Sons toys are dumped everywhere. Go fuck yourself.

Aug 3
Need a ride? Try #uber now!

Need a ride? Try #uber now!

Cock blocks.

1: my 8mon old son, given. That’s okay.
2: new 8 week kitten my gf randomly brought home.
3: neighbors.

Go fuck yourself.

Laundry soap,

Why must you be so expensive? Jus why?!

Burn it down!

2nd time in a week period, girlfriend almost burns the apartment down. First by cooking pizza in the oven without a pan. 2nd, didn’t bother cleaning the stove from dinner the night before, then decides to cook something and it ends up burning and sets off fire alarms.

Yet I’m not allowed to freak out when we have an infant in the house. Come the fuck on! Infant today, last time we had 5 kids running around. Look at from MY point of view. Can’t cook carelessly with kids around.

Jul 9

American pie “status”

Massaged my girlfriend before I left for work like I always do. Attempted to “dry hump” each other, something we’ve never done together and she’s never done period….I use to in high school. Well, decided to do a quickly…yeah…

Both undress, I slide my cock inside her….instant premature ejaculation. Didn’t know that was even possible.

There’s my embarrassing moment for the month!

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I just want to have sex again :/